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Gum Sokoto  is much darker and very mixed in quality; it may consist of gum from species other than Acacia (such as Combretum and Albizia). It is commercially called grade three, has a negative optical rotation and is sourced from the fourteen producer states of Nigeria. Gums derived from Combretum are readily available at low prices in East and West Africa and are often offered for sale as “gum arabic.” Because there is no toxicologic data supporting the safety of these gums, they are not recognized as food additives by most countries.Similarly, trees of the genus Albizia are often confused with Acacia and should not be used as acacia substitutes.


Commom Names

  • Sokoto

  • Grade 3

  • Combretum

  • Nigeria Grade 3


  •  emulsifier

  •  flavoring agent

  •  humectant

  •  thickener

  •  surface-finishing agent

  •  retards sugar crystallization


  • Hand Pick Selected

  • Dark Brown

  • Yellow


We export gum worldwide in packaging of double  HDPE woven sacks of 50 kilograms.

We can also package gum as per client requirements.

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