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Gum Karaya or Gum Sterculia, also known as Gum Tragacanth, is a vegetable gum produced as an exudate by trees of the genus Sterculia. Chemically, Gum Karaya is an acid polysaccharide composed of the sugars galactoserhamnose and galacturonic acid. It is used as a thickener and emulsifier in foods, as a laxative, and as a denture adhesive. As a food additive it has E number E416. It is collected cleaned and dried before processing in 4ACES facility.

Gum Karaya swells when it absorbs water and is used as a laxative because adds bulk to the contents of the intestine, stimulating the gut to expel waste material. Gum Karaya is also reputed to have aphrodisiacal properties, in Unani and Ayurvedic literature. Other uses for the gum are as a thickener in cosmetics and medications, and as an adhesive for dentures. In manufacturing, it is added as a binder, emulsifier and stabiliser in the preparation of beverages and foods. The seeds are roasted and eaten.


Common Names

  • Gum Karaya

  • Gum Tragacanth

  • Katira 

  • Xue Yan

  • Gond Katira

  • Sterculia

  • Almond Gum


Gum Karaya / Gum Tragacanth Uses

  • Used as a bulk laxative, helps to control gastritis, constipation and stomach upset

  • As an additive in compound animal feed (FAO approved) 

  • Used as a stabilizer for dairy and frozen desserts. 

  • Used as an acid resistant stabilizer for sherbets, fruit ices and similar low pH products.

  • Used in stabilizing packaged whipped cream products, meringue toppings and aerated dairy foods.It is also used to improve the spreadability characteristics of cheese spreads.

  • Emulsion stabilizer for French style salad dressings.

  • Used as a binder for making low calorie dough-based products such as pasta, bread and other bakery products .

  • Used in ground meat products as it provides good water holding and binding.

  • Used in the manufacture of long fibered, light weight Paper

  • Used in textile printing operations as a thickening agent for the dye in direct color printing on cotton fabrics.

  • Used in dental adhesive products


Gum Karaya Varieties

  • Hand Pick Selected Super White

  • White

  • Pale Yellow

  • Yellowish Brown

  • Brown

  • Dark Brown



We export gum worldwide in 50 kilograms jute bags with a plastic liner inside. If required by the customer, we can package as per their requirements.


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