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Acacia Senegal species of trees exudate gum , which is commonly known as "Hashab".Hashab from Sudan is the gum of highest quality and serves as a reference. Within Sudan, Gum Arabic from the Kordofan region has the best reputation so that merchants and end-users in import countries often cite “Kordofan gum” when stating their preferences.

Gum Arabic Hashab is known for its many uses in food items such as gelatos and soft drinks, marshmallows and other candies. It is also used in the food industry as a stabilizer. It is also an important ingredient in Lithography, printing, production of paint, production of ink and glue and even in the beauty industry to make some cosmetics. It is an important ingredient in making shoe polish and it used in making postage stamps and cigarette papers. Printers have this substance in the interval between processing of the plates to stop aluminum printing from oxidation.

Benefits of Arabic Gum could use for many part of body. Arabic gum as soluble fiber may contributes benefits to human health. Below are the list of benefits that you can get from Arabic gum :

1. Promotes good digestion

The first health Benefits of Arabic Gum is for promotes good digestion.


2. Alleviate constipation

Constipation is a condition which cause by unhealthy bowel movement.


3. Strengthen Immune system

Fiber contained in Arabic gum is consider as pro biotic. It is a substance which can promotes the growth of good bacteria or normal flora inside the gut.


4. Control blood sugar

Studies reported that fiber has important role in the management of blood glucose


5. Lowering cholesterol lever

Fiber in Arabic gum is effective in lowering cholesterol level.


6. Get rid of sore throat

Arabic gum is one ingredients which is present in cough syrup and lozenges. Arabic gum contains component which can relieve irritation especially in the mucosa layer of respiration tract especially in mouth and throat.


7. Keep healthy teeth

Have you heard that chewing gum can help you to maintain healthy teeth? Yes, it is not a hoax. Arabic gum contains some amount of anti-bacteria which can prevent the growth of bacteria in mouth that may cause gum bleeding and tooth decay.


8. Help in weight loss

Fiber is popular in weight loss management. It can make you feel full for longer time and prevent you to eat more by adding bulk to your stomach. Fiber also blocking fat absorption and it is a good news that Arabic gum provide this benefits.


9. Fight oxidative stress

Study reported that Arabic gum contains antioxidant which can help to fight free radicals. Those free radicals is the main cause of oxidative strees which lead to damage of cells and organ even further can cause cancer.


10. Improve kidney function

Arabic gum is also used in medication purpose such as renal therapy. 



Commom Names

  • Grade 1

  • Senegal

  • Hashab

  • Acacia


 •  emulsifier

 •  flavoring agent

 •  humectant

 •  thickener

 •  surface-finishing agent

 •  retards sugar crystallization


  • Hand Pick Selected

  • Siftings


We export gum worldwide in packaging of double  HDPE woven sacks of 50 kilograms.

We can also package gum as per client requirements.

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