Gum Karaya or Gum Sterculia, also known as Gum Tragacanth. It has medicinal uses and helps in weight loss. 

It is an exudate from combretum family of trees. Usually it is darker in color with compare to other Acacia gum .It is also known as Grade 3 gum arabic.

Gum ghatti is a dried translucent exudate collected as ‘tears’ from the bark of the Anogeissus latifolia tree.

Gum from Acacia Seyal is commonly known as Talha. Gum Talha is sap from the branches of Acacia Seyal trees. It's a natural emulsifier

It is a natural gum or resin extracted from thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora. It has been used as a loban, perfume, and medicine. 

Mochras gum is obtained from the Bombax ceiba tree which grows in India,South East Asia and some parts of South Africa. It is also sometimes known as The Red Silk Cotton Tree.

Acaia Senegal species of trees exudate gum , which is commonly known as "Hashab". Hashab from Sudan is the gum of highest quality .

Dammar, also called dammar gum, or damar gum, is a resin obtained from the tree family Dipterocarpaceae in India and East Asia.

Gum Olibanum is the dried, gummy exudation obtained from various species of Burseraceae trees.