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We are a dedicated group of young entrepreneurs in the agro business.Our core products are Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth, Myrrh and other natural resins and gums We have specialized sourcing skills, with expertise in serving African and Asian markets. Our continued endeavor is to extrapolate our geopolitical, macroeconomic analyses of currently served geographies to intelligently cater to demand from more countries and markets around the globe.  


At little over six billion, human population is at the highest it has ever been in the history of our planet. Thanks to the phenomenal progress in technology and farming techniques, global agricultural productivity today has kept pace with the growth rate of our populace, and scarcity has become a thing of the past. 


However, the marked disparity in the distribution of population across the world simply means that some regions face shortages while other locations have a surplus. This leads to price manipulation and fluctuation of food grains and agro based products. The solution here is intelligent sourcing. We aim to utilize our sourcing expertise in delivering quality agro based products at the most competitive prices.




We work closely with local conservationists in countries that we source from, and seek their guidance in proactive afforestation. The rule of thumb to follow is planting and nurturing ten saplings for every tree cut for consumption, and we follow this religiously, in our endeavor to build a sustainable, environmentally conscious business.

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