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we are one of the leading global merchants and manufacturers of agro based products. Our motto "...the best " is foundation pillar of our working philosophy. We supply quality products at competitive prices around the globe.


We have a wide exposure and in depth understanding of the hydrocolliods industry. Our presence in Africa, Asia and Americas at grass root level which gives us edge over others for needs of the ever-changing global markets. Our core portfolio of products include natural plant exudates: Gum Karaya, Katira, Almond Gum, Xue Yan, Gum Arabic, Gum Dhawara, Sokoto, Combretum, Talha, Hashab, Gum Tragacanth, Gum Ghatti, Myrrh, Hirabol, Murmukhi, Loban, Gum Guggul, Frankincense, Gum Olibanum, Mochras, Gum Dammar and other natural gums and resins. Our regional centers help us to maintain a check on the quality due to our direct presence.

We are known for being reliable and committed Exporters and suppliers of Gum Karaya in India. Exporters & suppliers  of Gum Tragacanth. Exporters and suppliers of Gum Arabic Talha. Exporters and suppliers of Hashab.

gum karaya


Also known as Gum Karaya, Katira. It is exudate from Sterculia species of trees.

gum arabic


More commonly known as Talha, Chandani, or Grade 2. Sometimes used as a substitute for Acacia Senegal



is a natural gum or resin extracted from tree species of the Commiphora. It is used as loban.

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